Baby Rescued After Being Locked In The Car By Mother


Baby Rescued After Being Locked In The Car By Mother


On Friday, August 9, a mother reportedly left her less than 2-year-old baby in the car, with all glasses wound up.
After over half an hour of no return, the baby was seen crying and gasping for air by sympathizers, who tried their best to save it.

According to reports, the incident occurred at Computer Village in Lagos and the mother was no where to be found
when people forcefully tried to open the window of the car in order to rescue the suffocating baby.

A video clip showing how many Nigerians gathered in attempt to save the baby was shared on Twitter by @funkemyfun and it instantly went viral. Some social media users have opined that the woman must be a first time mother and must have had no idea that such actions could have killed her baby.

Meanwhile, a 3-month-old baby was reported dead after mother forgot him in the car. According to reports, the mother had forgotten to drop him off at the nursery and locked him up in the car, where it died.


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