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Drinking Alcohol is not a sin – Reno Omokri says

Posted by on July 11, 2019.   Under: News ,

Reno Omokri has taken to social media to state that alcohol is neither a sin nor damaging to the health – Omorki went on to advise people not to allow any church or pastor put that burden on them – According to him, excessive consumption of alcohol is however damaging to the health Former aide to ex-president Goodluck, Reno Omokri, has taken caused quite a buzz on social media following his recent tweets about alcohol consumption.

According to him, alcohol consumption is neither a sin nor damaging to the health. He went on to state that people should not let their pastors put a burden that isn’t from God.

Omokri however noted that excessive consumption of the beverage is where the problem lies.

He wrote: “Don’t let any church or pastor put a burden on you that God has not put. Drinking alcohol is NOT a sin. Getting drunk is a sin. The only Godly reason for divorce is adultery. But SEPARATION from an abusive spouse is NOT a sin. PHARISEES still exist”

He continue: “Those who say since drunkenness is a sin then drinking should be avoided, make as much sense as
saying since gluttony is a sin, eating should be avoided. Jesus DRANK. If you can’t drink without getting drunk, then
don’t drink. But drinking is no sin”

“Alcohol does NOT damage health. @Google it. Red wine is the most celebrated factor in long life and good health. EXCESSIVE intake of alcohol damages the health. Not just alcohol. Excessive consumption of almost anything is a sin that damages health.”

Reno Omokri is also known for his erudite asperity when it comes to relationships and how the institution of marriage should be between a couple. While many people tend to agree with
his ‘nuggets’, his post which downplays the role of domestic violence in divorce cases, has got many people wondering.

He wrote on Instagram: “It is a husband’s duty to get a house and the wife’s job to transform it into a home. Money buy houses, but love makes it a home. That is why you should marry a loving woman, not just a beautiful one. A home needs love more than beauty.”

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