‘I Have Had Several Failed Suicide Attempts’ – Ubi Franklin

‘I Have Had Several Failed Suicide Attempts’ – Ubi Franklin
Ubi Franklin

Music entrepreneur and CEO, Made Men Music Group (MMMG), Ubi Franklin has shared touching information about how he tried taking his life in the past. Ubi Franklin made the shocking revelation while reacting to the death of Izu which was revealed as suicide. The person
in question Izu had committed suicide after he was accused of rape by a certain lady. The MMMG boss while reacting to Izu’s death told his followers that three years ago he had tried several times to take his life but fortunately he failed at every try. He also said that cyber bullying also sent him into pdepression often times as people attacked him about his failed marriage and more.


However, he had to encourage himself and keep moving forward. Ubi also used the medium to advise against trolling and cyber bullying.

Read his note from Instagram below.

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SAD VIDEO TO WATCH – I watched this video of IZU reading out his suicide note before he took his life and i remembered doing this several times 3 years ago unsuccessfully and I am here today. I got bullied so much on Instagram in the last two years that I started getting depressed again and this time I told myself “ubi” who are these people talking about you? Do you know them or their families? Everyone has something their hiding and won’t tell the public but go on social media to bully others of things that they also have done or their parents have or their brothers, sisters and friends have done. Why bother your self with people who contribute nothing to your life? Are you the first to have a failed marriage? Are you the first to have kids from 4 different women? Have your learnt from your past? Then came the big question, How can you do better ? So I started using my platform to speaker against the mistakes I have made in life that I feel can he avoided by someone watching my lives or reading about how I have turned my dark days into brighter and beautiful days and letting people know the truth that is not always told on social media. Social media is full of controlled narratives, the things that don’t make social media that I know are many. Do married men come on social media to say they have multiple girl friends? Or do married women come on social media to they have a side guy/guys? Do all the Big girls on social media tell how they made their money to live the lives that you are depressed about? Stop Bullying people on social media, it’s another Pandemic on its own. You are not any perfect and you will never be, When you see people’s struggles on social media and you judge them and then forgetting how horrible you are in your own controlled reality life and how you can’t even feed, how you sleep with married men to make money or how your parents have stolen from Government to send your to school. Before you bully or criticize people check yourself first. Suicide is never an option I am here today because I know there is got to be more. God Bless you all and remain blessed ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

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