Mayor of Lagos and DMW signee, Mayorkun is the latest cover star on the Guardian Life’s newest issue.

Self-acclaimed, Mayor of Lagos and DMW signee, Mayorkun is the latest cover star on the Guardian Life’s newest issue.

Mayorkun is a playful, energetic and outgoing singer, and this is evident in the music he puts out. In the latest issue of the Guardian Life magazine, the afro-pop star, talks about his transition from the banking industry into the Nigerian entertainment industry and his growth ever since. Mayorkun who shot into the limelight after the release of the 2016 song “Eleko” was exposed to the entertainment industry from childhood, he was also a member of his church choir. Despite the involvement of his parents in the entertainment industry, they were not pleased with him going into music.

His parents wanted him to remain in the corporate world, esspecially his mom who is a prominent Nollywood Actress. The decision to quit the banking industry was not an easy one.

Mayorkun Covers Guardian
Mayorkun Covers Guardian

Mayorkun’s Rise to Stardom However, for Mayorkun , things took a unique turn when his “The Money” cover video was spotted by Davido in February 2016. Davido immediately followed him on Twitter and Instagram, after which Davido asked him if he could do more than play the keyboard.

He got a call from Davido the same day he wrote his resignation letter and sent him some of the songs he already recorded. In the same year, Mayorkun was signed to Davido Music World wide subsequently he released his first single “Eleko” under the DMW label.

On Being A Member of the DMW Group
On Being A Member of the DMW Group

As a member of the DMW group also known as the 30Billion Gang , he speaks about the disadvantages and
advantages. When asked about the privileges that come from being in this group, he heartily laughed. For the
positive aspect, he explains it is always easy to get attention when necessary. However, because of the status of the group, there are certain expectations from people which includes having money at all times.

On His Fun Personality
On His Fun Personality

Apart from his music, the popular hitmaker is also known for his comic slangs such as “ Gbogbo eleyii ko necestri now, o wrong now ”. One would think these are strategies to remain
in the spotlight and promote his music, he, however, explains that this has been his personality right before now. He had always been a fun person, a characteristic that has made it easier for him to push his songs right now

On His Music Making Process
On His Music Making Process

“I like to sing about the things I have ideas about or my friends have gone through, if I sing about a girl, best believe that 90% of the time, it is about a girl I know”

Recently, he released the beautiful music “Betty Butter” and prior to Betty Butter was the Geng freestyle, one of his major hits this year.

Diving into the process that birthed this sound, he said:
We do not prepare some things for, they just happen and when they happen, they happen big. This was the case of Geng.
“I got a new camera, I don’t know anything about it. On the other side, I was recording this geng song and asked the producer, Q-beat, to try this UK beat. I went up and before I came back, while making the beat and recording lines, the guy that held the camera came and caught everything. It was not edited, it was just one take, and that was it.”

These songs and more are details of his experiences. As an entertainer, one reason for his success is singing about his experiences and the things he has knowledge about.

Read his full interview here .

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