Olabeewhy Jigon Mawakan Arewa

Olabeewhy Jigon Mawakan Arewa

I Deserve To Be A Best GOALKEEPER My Name Has Been Reated Their But The haters and hypocrite And Some Of The Organised Change My Name as U see It There They Deleted It with black ink What The Fuck, But we are still the best of all the time,I got dislocation on my arm that is the reason,but I have full assuarans that i can make it, and i steel make it, it’s just a destination that’s why i cool πŸ‘Œ my temper,amma akwai gaba,God no go shame us.


Olabeewhy jigon mawakan arewa (BESA)old student association 2017 both students and the teachers,Kai everybody knows that we are still the best even before and now since when we was in junior classes ALHMDLLH πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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