Popular Gombe Female Singer “DQueen” Denounce Of Feminism For Fame

Popular Gombe Female Singer “DQueen” Denounce Of Feminism For Fame

The Queen is well known for her saint mind-blowing attitude in the music scene, one of those few female talent from North that have grown their fanbase using their raw vocal talent only is been accused of been a runs girl in real life. It was a worst situation to the singer as one of the controversial hype man shares out pictures of a girl he narrates to be DQueen posing in some nasty outfits (Bikini). This have gauged high into diverting the peace living of DQueen and her beloved fans growing negative sight onto her musical career. The allegations imposed was that she is a Prostitute in real life, but claims to be holy online even thou the photos were not fully confirmed to be the singer but social medias are ablaze reacting to the leak case.

The gorgeous melodic pro is a blessed soul amongst other Gombe celebrities as she got some good vibes still on the trendz count buying her respectful recognition, songs as “Talent In Me, One Day and Only God Can Save” which she seems much eager to share out the inspiring visuals to one of the hit songs “Only God Can Save”. See What Causes The Rants On Social Media

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