Ralfy The Plug – Rapper Over night 2 [Full Album]

Ralfy The Plug Rapper Over night 2 album ep download
Ralfy The Plug Rapper Over night 2 album ep download

Ralfy The Plug Rapper Over night 2 album ep download – The Stinc Team is going hard all 2021, as they should be. Following Drakeo The Ruler’s highly publicized case, the rapper has been going hard, as have the rest of his team. Ralfy The Plug slid through his new project, Rapper Overnight 2 earlier
this month but before March closes out, he slid through with an official deluxe edition of the protect including another 10 songs.

The rapper offers a variety of solo and collabs to extend the project including two posthumous verses from the late Ketchy The Great who appears on “Pump
Faker” alongside Petty Petty and Desto Dubb, as well as “That’s Why You Mad.” Additional features on the project include Drakeo The Ruler, who also appears twice, Rx Peso, Pimp Tobi, and MBNel.

1.Different Positions
2.Skylar Diggins (feat. Remble)
4.Hit the Lotto
5.Street N****s (feat. GoodFinesse & Problem)
6.Thugs & Prescriptions
7.F****d Em (feat. Pimp Tobi)
8.Thought This Was (feat. Tru Carr & GoodFinesse)
9.Selfies (feat. Fenix Flexin’)
10.New Owner (feat. Pettypetty)
11.That’s a Awful Lot of Stincs (feat. Drakeo the Ruler)
12.Mill Ticket
13.Tip Drill (feat. Ketchy the Great & Snap Dogg)
14.Absolutely (feat. Ketchy the Great & Drakeo the Ruler)
15.That Type of Shit
16.What it Is
17.Nobody’s (feat. Desto Dubb & Drakeo the Ruler)
18.Pump Faker (feat. Petty Petty, Desto Dubb & Ketchy the Great)
19.Hatin’ On Me (feat. MBNel)
20.Mic On (feat. Pimp Tobi)
22.That’s Why You Mad (feat. Ketchy the Great)
23.Sidewayz (feat. RxPeso)
24.Leave Me Lone


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