Sarkin Arewa Spoken About Northern Hausa Hip Hop Rapper’s



Because Many Of Now Adays Youths Intention Was To Go into Music (especially Hausa Rap ) without Having The talent Skills And Financial Support By them Selves or By their guidance or Any one That makes Himself Responsible For Supporting And Promoting their Talent.

Many Of Those Arewa Rappers Were Even More than Fake Because All What They Did Was Not Music its doesn’t Make Sense And They Did Not even Have the Talent For the Music They were just Hating because others were coming Famous That’s why they wanna go into Music But its wasn’t what they wants to became they just Helps others to chase their dreams .

Up till Now we really Have to Discuss More About this issue because all what we said before at the first time was just An Introduction to this issue.
Back To Arewa As a whole Many of both upcoming Artist And even the Artist Them Selves They only Got The opportunity to been their by some certain reasons Example Like Lack of Hausa Rappers At the first Time And The Game was just Starting At That First Time That’s why they even got that opportunity .

Because Many of the people hearing and supporting didn’t know how Real Sounds like. They just consider that you speak Hausa so people called them Hausa Rappers.

But now after Hearing the real raps I know that’s northern will not longer accept this Full of shits Again By Any type of Artist Either Male Or Female / Upcoming Or Real Artist because when you did good you will got a good Result out.
That’s how the law is even During Exams who read hard got a very Good Result.

In Conclusion To All What We Said Me And My Brother Wasn’t To Abuse Any one or Something like that, But just to expose the real Fact So that’s many artist Should Stop deceiving themselves and others of this categories Which they Used to Called Themselves Rapper without knowing they were not even up Fake But Lower than that.


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