Sunstar’s Biography, Early Life, Music Career

Sunstar’s Biography Early Life Music Career & Achievements

Read Complete Biography of Talented artist ‘Sunstar’, Music Career & Achievements BIOGRAPHY OF SUNSTAR

Ohaechesi Christopher Chikamso (born march 31 1999) known professionally as sunstar is a singer, songwriter and a rapper. He started off as a songwriter and producer as he recorded and mastered his songs in the early stages of his music career. He started Music in Imo State when he realized he has the talent and could use it to help those passing through hard times. He then recorded and put out ‘mad over you’ and ‘Scarlet’ in his hometown Imo State which was applauded and praised by his fans. He also did a freestyle with ‘sketchers’ by DripReport which has earned alot of streams on audiomack.


Background information …………………………………….
Birth name: Ohaechesi Christopher Chikamso
Born: March 31, 1999 (age 21) Imo State, Nigeria
Genres: hip-hop/rap, afrohiphop, afrobeat

Early Life…………………..
SUNSTAR was born in the city of Imo State in South east Nigeria, he spent most of his teenage years with his parents who were strong religious entities. sunstar seems to be the first to attempt music in his family as he finds passion in music. Sunstar started as a keyboardist at the age of 13 in his father’s church as he enjoys finding and playing new sounds he discovers.

Music Career & Achievements
sunstar started music as a teenager rapping with friends and classmates during his secondary School days as they had fun rapping together but then he finds it more enthusiastic to make a career out of music and started learning how to produce music. He watched several YouTube videos on music production and plans on learning more on music production.

Sunstar achieved too much in his music career, One that can be boldly stated is too much supports and love from His fans which is now making his fanbase strong and big. And Sunstar Believed Fans are the backbone of any achievement for That he’s always thanking them and Keep doing his best to Appreciate them All.

“sunstar vocal delivery, varied as it may be, breathes life and emotion into his records, regardless of the genre he finds himself making, whether it’s a hip-hop or an afrobeat.

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Social media accounts below:

Social Media Handles
Twitter: sunstar2dwrld
Instagram: sunstar2dwrld
Facebook: sunstar sunstar
Tumblr: sunstar2dwrld
tiktok: sunstar2dwrld

For Business or Bookings contact his Management ([email protected])


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