Twitter Drags Linda Ikeji Through The Mud



Linda Ikeji is being bashed and dragged
through the mud by users of social media
platform Twitter for coming out plain with the identity of her son’s father and also speaking on why her relationship with Sholaye Jeremi didn’t work out.

Earlier today, the famous blogger and
media mogul had published a lengthy epistle on her blog, where she revealed
how she met Sholaye back in 2015 at an
exquisite restaurant and they both got
along almost immediately because of the
impression he gave her.

Linda, who described herself as single
mum in the article, also addressed social media comments criticising her of being a hypocrite, for encouraging people to bebcelibate.

This epistle has got got every one talking on Twitter as users think she is getting a piece of her medicine.

See tweets below:


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