Vector Calls Music Counterparts “Fools” See Why

Vector Calls Music Counterparts Fools See Why

Nigerian rapper Vector, in a tweet, referred to his music counterparts who continue to thank politicians online as “fools”. He mentioned no names but took his time to rant about the bad state of the country including the healthcare system.


All you artistes thanking politicians online are fools. Your fans are the ones suffering and not you. Abi because we like to party mean say na by “party”. Do your art or join politics properly so we know where you stand,” he wrote.

Bear in mind that heads of political offices couldn’t even get healthcare in the state they either governed before or are governing. Some died. I mean, the guys with very expensive taste are being flown to states they didn’t govern for health care. Oga celeb, we greet you,” he said in another tweet.

Get this clear. I grew up within the people that the impressions get. I mean, the ones who maybe only had access to news that came from radio slots that I found out later could be paid for. I believed some lies too but this is 2020. Dem Dey say Black lives matter…

See tweets below.


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